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Mediaplast PM

Synthetic all-round plasticizer with non-staining and very good low temperature properties. Mediaplast PM is highly compatible with all standard elastomers. Very good compatibility with polynorbornene and CR. In NBR only limited compatibility.

Mediaplast NB-4

Special ester plasticizer for use in polar polymers like NBR, NBR/PVC, HNBR, CR, ACM, ECO etc. Mediaplast NB-4 has very low volatility at higher temperatures and at the same time a very low freezing point. Therefore it is recommended for the production of rubber parts which should have good heat resistance and additionally good flexibility at cold temperatures

Mediaplast NB-7

Special diisononyl dicarboxylic acid ester which can replace existing phthalate plasticizers in compounds based on polar rubber like NBR, HNBR, CR, ACM, VAMAC, etc.

Processing Aids

Dispergator FL

Processing aid in granular form with excellent compatibility in all standard elastomers like NR, SBR, EPDM, CR, NBR, IIR, CSM, ECO, etc. Dispergator FL has an excellent influence on filler dispersion and homogeneity of rubber compounds. While extruding and calandering significant improvements in processability can be achieved. Already small dosages of Dispergator FL will cause a clearly recognizable improvement in rubber compound flow.

Dispergator FL plus

Improved version of Dispergator FL. In comparison to Dispergator FL, Dispergator FL plus shows stronger influence on rubber compound flow and Mooney viscosity. Good compatibility with all standard elastomers, such as NR, SBR, EPDM, CR, NBR, IIR, CSM, ECO, etc.

Dispergator DS

Processing aid for rubber compounds based on NR, EPDM, IIR and NBR during injection molding and incorporation. Dispergator DS improves the processing behavior of rubber compounds during extrusion and also the filler incorporation. Dispergator DS will not influence the peroxide vulcanization.

Dispergator SI/GR

Processing aid based on a silicone combination. The stickiness of EPDM and EVA compounds with poor processability can be significantly reduced. Therefore compound flow and extrusion behavior of the compound will be improved. Especially compounds filled with high quantities of aluminum hydroxide (cable compounds) will show improved process behavior and reduced mold fouling.


Highly effective processing aid, based on low molecular EPM for the use in EPDM, IIR, NBR and CR polymers. The incorporation and dispersion of fillers and all other ingredients will be improved, therefore a reduced mixing time can be achieved. Especially in polychloroprene this will result in lower mixing temperatures which will help to avoid scorch. Haftolat has no influence on sulfur and peroxide curing systems.


Dry liquid of Haftolat containing 75 % of Haftolat and 25 % of silica.

Mediaplast 40

Homogenizing agent for polymer blends. Mediaplast 40 supports the incorporation and dispersion of fillers and improves the homogeneity of the rubber compound. Mediaplast 40 is slightly discoloring and should not be used in bright colored rubber compounds. The compatibility in all standard elastomers is excellent.

Mediaplast 50

Peptizer and homogenizing agent for NR compounds or blends containing NR. Mediaplast 50 reduces the Mooney viscosity, therefore it will influence the process behavior of rubber compounds and the rubber compound flow positively. The incorporation and dispersion of fillers is significantly improved. The compatibility in all standard elastomers is excellent.

Mediaplast AT

Process aid against the stickiness of CR and IIR compounds. Already by using small dosages, Mediaplast AT shows high efficiency; especially suitable for ACM compounds.

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Activator in granular form for reinforcing white fillers based on Silica. Aktiol promotes long scorch times at lower temperatures up to 120 °C, therefore it will provide safe processing and mixing of rubber compounds. Aktiol can be incorporated very easily without any problems. Excellent activating influence, especially in combination with organo silanes in sulfur cured rubber compounds.

Activin NT

Alkaline activator in powder form for white fillers based on Silica to be used especially in NR. Because of the alkaline properties a significant increase in physical results, such as tear strength, moduli and hardness, can be obtained. Activin can be incorporated and dispersed into the rubber compound very easily.

Coupling Agents

Silanogran SI-69/GR

50 % active preparation of the original Degussa reinforcing agent Si 69 as granules to improve the physical properties of sulfur cured rubber compounds. Silanogran SI-69/GR will react only with silica or fillers containing SiO2 groups.

Silanogran M

50 % active mercapto silane granules to improve physical properties of sulfur cured rubber compounds. Silanogran M reacts only with silica or fillers containing SiO2 groups.


Kezadol GR

Soft fine calcium oxide in granular form to prevent porosity of rubber articles which are cured pressureless.


Antitack NP-97

Zinc stearate dispersion for the use as antitack agent for all kinds of uncured rubber compounds. The zinc stearate particles melt at a temperature of 120 °C and will be absorbed by the rubber compound. Antitack NP-97 shows no negative influence on molding properties or rubber-metal-bonding.

Antitack BTO-31 LF

Highly effective magnesium stearate dispersion for the use in batch-off equipment working either with dip tanks or spraying systems, for the treatment of uncured rubber sheets, strips or granules. The fine particle size of the magnesium stearate and the extraordinary stability of the dispersion of the antitack agent will form a thin, nearly transparent antitack film which will be absorbed by the rubber compound at temperatures of approx. 90 °C. Antitack BTO-31 LF contains detergents, antirust and antifoam agents which will ensure maintenance-free operation of the batch-off equipment. Special additives enable the evaluation of the concentration by conductivity.


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