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Equipments list

Shanghai Factory (China)

Rubber compound with bridging material Rubber lining Kneader Molding 1 Molding 2 Adhesion blast adhesive Weighing of the vulcanizing agent Test Cutting Finishing  Checking Strage for raw materials Warehouse 250t press 450t press

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Kneading equipments

No.MechanismStandardManufacturerNumber owned
116 inch Mixing rollRoll width 1000 mmChina2
218 inch Mixing rollRoll width 1500 mmChina1
3Kneader75 literChina1

Molding equipments

No.MechanismTonnageSize of pressing boardStrokeManufacturerNumber owned
1Manual press50T400×400350China2
2Manual press100T600×600460China2
3Vacuum press100T510×490230Japan3
4Automatic press100T510×490300Japan3
5Manual press160T850×750500China2
6Vacuum press200T500×500240China2
7Automatic press200T510×510300Taiwan4
8Automatic press200T560×550240China4
9Vacuum press250T510×510250China4

Test equipments

No.Name of equipmentStandardManufacturerNumber owned
1Test press350×250China1
2Test mixing rollRoll width 260 mmChina1
4Tensile test machine5kNChina1
5Specific gravity meter-Japan1
6Hardness gaugeType AChina2
7Hardness gaugeType EJapan1
8Projection measuring instrument-China1

Other equipments

No.Name of equipmentStandardManufacturerNumber owned
1Cutting extruderPreformingJapan1
2Cutting machineMaximum width 1100 mmChina1
3Cutting machineMaximum width 540 mmChina2
4Shot blastfor Metal mold cleaning
(Glass beads)
5Shot blastfor Metal mold cleaning
(Plastic beads)
6Shot blastfor Blast processing
(adhesive product)
7Shot blastfor Blast processing
(adhesive product)
82t Truck2 tChina1
9Forklift2 tChina1
10Lathe machine-China1


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