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Domestic Factory

1st production line  75 liter kneader 1st production line  18 inch mixing roll batch off sheet cutter 2st production line  75 liter kneader FR 150 type feeder ruder vibro lift & metal detector 3st production line  75 liter kneader 3st production line  20 inch mixing roll SPM batch off sheet cutter 4mm square pelletizer Extruder (It is possible to mesh.) Extruder (It is possible to mesh.)

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Molding dept.

ModelNumber owned
Press50t Vacuum1
50t Compression2
70t Compression3
100t Vacuum3
150t Vacuum3
Secondary curing oven2
Shot blast2
Rubber compound cutting machine2

Test/Trial equipments

ModelNumber owned
Tensile tester2
Mooney viscometer2
1 liter Test kneader3
4 inch Test mixing roll1
10t Heating/ cooling press1
37t Dispersion test press1
50t Dispersion test press2
50t Test press1
70t Test press1
Dispersion test extruder1
Extruder for trial1
Electronic gravimeter1
Aging oven3
Measuring microscope1
Strand Cut1

Kneading dept.

ModelNumber owned
20 liter Kneader for silicon1
75 liter Kneader3
16 inch Open mixing roll for silicon1
18 inch Open mixing roll1
20 inch Open mixing roll1
22 inch Open mixing roll1
F. R 65 Strainer for rubber chemical2
2TR 75 Strainer for rubber chemical1
20 liter Vertical strainer for silicon1
ModelNumber owned
75 liter SPM2
Bucket conveyor for raw material3
Air-cooled batch off machine2
Square pelletizer2
Guillotine cutter for polymer1
Boiler for heating equipment3
Chiller unit3
Metal detector1
Vibro screen 1
FR 150 type feeder ruder1


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