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Jun. 1968On June24, Naotoshi Hida started business with 3 press machines in Kawabe-cho, Kamo-gun, Gifu-Pref.
6 months later 5 press machines were available in total.
Apr. 1970Changed name to Hida Rubber Factory and moved to the current location.
Sep. 1975Added 5 press machines. Number of employees increased to 10.
Monthly sales amount reached ¥10 million.
Expanded mixing roll factory and introduced 16 inch mixing roll machine.
Mar. 1981Changed mixing roll machine to 18 inch.
Jan. 1989Introduced 3 vacuum press machines.
Monthly sales amount increased to ¥25 million.
Aug. 1990On August 8, incorporated company as HIDA BUBBER CO., LTD.
Monthly sales amount increased to ¥31 million.
May to Sep. 1991Introduced 6 vacuum press machines & 75 liter dispersion kneader.
Jan. 1992Introduced 75 liter vertical injection molding machine.
Apr. 1994Introduced 50t vacuum press machine.
Jun. 1996Introduced own developed automatic metal piece adhesive machine.
Jul. 1997Began sales of rubber compound.
Feb. 1998Began processing & sales of rubber chemical "Preknead".
Mar. 1998On March14, expanded new office building and increased capital to ¥20 million.
Apr. 1998On April 8, changed name to TECHNO PREKNEAD HIDA CO., LTD.
Introduced Preknead production line.
Jul. 1998Applied trademark registration of Preknead & Preknead logo.
Monthly sales amount increased to ¥55 million.
Jun. 1999On June18, received subsidy for "1999 Gifu pref. small and medium-sized enterprise technology upgrade grant"
Aug. 1999Trademark registration of original rubber chemical "Preknead" was approved.
Aug. 1999Installed new computer system on August 1.
Number of employees increased to 42. Fiscal 1999 sales were ¥670 million.
Jan. 2000Consigned production to Pong Codan Rubber (M) Sdn, Bhd in Malaysia.
2001Added facility "Preknead SPM (Sheet Preforming Machine) line".
2002Consigned processing to Shanghai, China.
Oct sales reached ¥110million.
Jun. 2003Introduced 100t horizontal plastic injection for test use.
Jul. 2003Installed 3D measurement micro scope.
Mar. 2004Established PREKNEAD RUBBER (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. in Shanghai, China.
Jun. 2004Expanded factory and introduced Preknead 3rd line.
Outsourced kneading process 100%.
Jul. 2004Monthly average sales reached ¥100 million.
Oct. 2004Started operation at PREKNEAD RUBBER (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD.
Mar. 2005Added facility "Test Kneader".
Oct. 2006Completed construction of West Plant and relocated Preknead 3rd line there.
At the same time, expanded import/export warehouse.
Jan. 2007Introduced 75 liter keader & 18 inch mixing roll for rubber compound kneading to Shanghai factory.
Shanghai factory began sales of rubber compound.
Began trial of chemical masterbatch at Shanghai factory.
Feb. 2008Introduced mist type dust collector to masterbatch production line in west factory and head office.
Jul. 2008Introduced metal detector to masterbatch production line.
Feb. 2009Introduced 20 liter kneader for special material & 14 inch mixing roll.
Introduced 450t press machine to Shanghai factory.
Aug. 2009Introduced extruder for rubber chemical.
Jul. 2010Acquired ISO9001: 2008 certificate.
Oct. 2011Naotoshi Hida became Chairman and Shogo Hida became President & Representative Director.
Jul. 2012Constructed new plant "Preknead Center".
Added extruder for rubber chemical.
Introduced 20 liter strainer.
Oct. 2012Introdued 20Φ test extruder.
Jul. 2013Acquired ISO14001: 2004 certificate.
May, 2015Expanded strainer line at Preknead Center.
Shanghai factory began production and sales of masterbatch.
Apr. 2016Established dangerous object warehouse.
Aug. 2016Established joint venture A.F.Preknead Co., Ltd. with A.F.Alliance Co., Ltd. In Thailand.
Nov. 2016Constructed South Plant and introduced new FR line for masterbatch as Preknead 4th line.
May. 2017Started operation at A.F. Preknead Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
Sep. 2017Introduced 5th line at South Plant.
Established masterbqatch pellet production line at A.F.Preknead Co., Ltd..
Oct. 2017A.F.Preknead Co., Ltd. started full-scale operation.
Mar. 2018Introduced 1 liter test kneader.
Apr. 2018Introduced strand cut and extruder.


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